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    Emma Dart


    We have an employee (Milly Dart) that works part time (4 hours per day rather than 8 hours).  In her resource the Time Pattern Variant options are either 8 hours or 6 hours per day...  how can I change this to 4 for her.  She submits her timesheet but it is expecting her to submit 40 hours rather than 20.

    Many thanks


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    Simon Teale (Partner)

    Hi Emma,

    If you are following the approach in this document, then she will continue to require 40 hours timesheets each week. However the Part Time Unavailability activity will count for 20 hours of this.

    Having multiple Time Patterns *can* be set up via your CSM, but unless you are operating in multiple countries or with multiple numbers of hours per week (eg for different employee contracts) or signifincat numbers of 'non-standard' resources then the additional maintenance and reporting overhead for engagement templates, reports, resourcing decsisions is probably not worth it. 

    Felber Consulting

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